They say that eyes are windows to the soul.

Remember at the end of Ghost when Whoopi Goldberg and Ashton Kutcher’s wife were watching invisible Patrick Swayze wail on that guy who played the dude that hired the Designing Women to decorate his funeral? By the way, I checked IMDB and Ashton Kutcher was 12 when Ghost came out in 1990 and Ghost was rated PG-13. Ha! Well anyway, good for her I guess. So the Designing Women guy fell backward onto the windowsill and the broken window slid down and the pointy bit stuck him and suddenly he was a ghost too. But not for long because the special effects came and dragged him away to the next apartment for a good talking-to. And by the way, Julia Sugarbaker, I’m sorry, but not all problems can be solved with decorating no matter how giant your glasses are. Anyhoo, if Michele Bachmann’s eyes are windows then I think they are the pointy kind that kill people and her soul is the type that comes to drag their ghost away. Behold:

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