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Put that crazy look in their eye!

By popular demand, now you have the power to Bachmann-eyeze anyone you want. Bachmann-eyeze your brother, your boss, your baby, even yourself! The new Bachmann-eyezed app takes Michele Bachmann’s infamous stare from Chris Buck’s iconic Newsweek cover photo and puts it on the image of your choice, instantly transforming photos of friends and family into… well, you just have to see for yourself!

Developed by the world’s foremost eye handlers, the super-simple app allows you to choose or take a picture using a handy eye-guide overlay. Just tap a button and any picture becomes Bachmann-eyezed!

Want that special, extra-intense look? Just slide the “craziness level” up and see what happens. Resize and move the eyes with just a pinch and a drag. Easy lightness adjustment means the app works great for phones with and without a flash. And when you’re done, you can save the photo and share it via Twitter, Facebook or email!

Deep in the basement of the Bachmann-eyezed offices, our enormous team of foster children has been working around the clock to prepare a virtually limitless supply of moist new Bachmann eyes—all for you! Your purchase of the Bachmann-eyezed app could allow these urchins the freedom they so desperately crave!

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Team Bachmann-eyezed